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who we are

Gaddi-Cruz Design Communication is a design collective that shares the same passion for creative story-telling. We are made up of focused individuals on a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses thrive in an over-saturated market.

nimble & adaptable

We’re an agile team that asks the right questions and works with you throughout the process in changing circumstances and environment.

 make things happen

GCDC is a design agency that specializes in visual content marketing. We are a creative and easy-to-work-with team that takes the time to connect with our clients, address their challenges, and make things happen.


We at GCDC are always curious. We listen, learn and then start the work. Our focus is to convey what makes your company/product stand out from the rest through original, custom-made and creative designs.

what we do

Building brands through well-thought-out ideas, design, and execution. Choose which support you need and let us work together to elevate your brand.

Events Style Concept

From concept development until the day after the event, we will be there to provide solutions for you.

Brand Identity

GCDC will help you define who you are, what are your values, and what makes you different from the competitors.

Digital Marketing

Utilizing online based technologies like social media, SEO, SEM, content marketing and more to boost your product.

Publishing - Multipage Design

We have a strong editorial design background having worked on some of the biggest magazines and publications in the country.

Web Design and Development

From informational to e-commerce to a specialized/customized platform we will prioritize customer experience and esthetic impact to ultimately help you engage with more people.

Corporate Communications Support

Whether jumpstarting or a total redesign of your visual identity, we understand that marketers need help in their company’s brand and marketing initiatives.

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